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  • I thought my ankle was dead. From my very 1st visit here, I was gently but firmly encouraged to gain back strength, balance and flexibility. Sarah and Ross have been outstanding! I’m so very grateful for all the excellent TLC!

    Karen C. 

  • When I started therapy, I couldn’t walk without pain. My leisure activities were being affected. After several visits, my range of motion is a greatly improved. I would recommend WCPT to anyone needing physical therapy. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable.

    Harold C. 

  • When I started, I was in a lot of pain in my leg and back. I had surgery on my back and when I started with therapy again, I was in extreme pain. Today, I have very little pain and am back to almost all normal activity. Thank you for all your help!

    Gloria C. 

  • I am walking much faster, I have a lot of confidence when I do my chores. My strength has improved and also my balance. My physical therapist, Christopher, deserves a lot of credit for these accomplishments.

    Florence C. 

  • First of all, I would like to thank everyone at WCPT for helping me after my knee replacement surgery. And a very special thank you to Kathy, Ross and Nicole for their tireless efforts and kindness. Due to their care, I have graduated from a wheelchair, to a walker and then a cane. Now I’m walking on my own, pain free! I enjoyed my experience at WCPT. Thank you all!

    Mary W. 

  • When I walked into WCPT, I couldn’t sit or drive my car without being in pain. I have now graduated to little or no pain while driving. The therapists at WCPT are very friendly and helpful!

    Sue M. 

  • As a busy mom, I am often putting myself last. I came into WCPT to see Sarah after months of ignoring my pain and achilles tendonitis. Within 9 appointments and various stretches, I was able to feel relief and resume my normal crazy life. Thank you WCPT for helping me heal!

    Amy V. 

  • Amazing how far I have come in a very short time. Thanks to WCPT, I feel very confident that I will have no problem moving on!

    Michael T. 

  • I came to Washington County Physical Therapy for a right shoulder tendonitis problem. This was my second time for a similar problem in 11 years and both times I was evaluated and provided a treatment program that resulted in complete recovery. Everyone I saw was very pleasant and helpful to work with and certainly well trained and knowledgeable. Appointments are scheduled and spaced appropriately and always no waiting. Thank you Sarah, Ross and Nicole for all your help and encouragement!

    James S. 

  • In July of 2015, I was run over by a tractor. My foot was compressed and seemed to get slowly better. After months of not fully getting better, I went to Washington County Physical Therapy. It took months of deep tissue massage before I could do all the exercises that were required to get my foot strong, flexible and back to normal size. Thanks to kind, knowledgeable, and patient therapists, I am going to have a lot easier time working this summer. I am grateful to the whole staff. Also, thanks to Nicole for giving off positive energy.

    George W. 

  • This is my 2nd time around with WCPT. Chris and the entire staff took a team approach to my issues and I can honestly say that I left them in much less pain and in better overall condition than when I walked in 4 months ago. I hope to not have to come back, ever, but if I do, I know I am in good hands.

    J.M. S.

  • I began my treatment at Washington County PT with very limited mobility and severe joint and nerve pain in my shoulder from an impingement. With the highly skilled care and treatment of the physical therapy team, I made steady progress in a reasonable amount of time. I will continue to recover with the home exercise program put in place as part of my treatment plan. I am very happy with the care and expertise at Washington County PT.

    Beth D. 

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